Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life brinngs unexpected- perfect time

Never thought that i will be on a catwalk, o even writing a blog... As a challenge to myself- I CAN do it- i WILL do it.

From being
with no purpose-
 to gaining BELIEVE in myself, in others- even when some of people have human tendency to hurt each other. Not because they choose to , bet because they are hurting... Have to let go some how
What is happiness to you ? What it really means to DREAM ? Do you Dream ? Ok take a pen ... Do you have 2 minutes to let yourself imagine.... START writing what would you do IF  money and time is not an issue..... Just listen to your inter voice- WHO you really are  ......... With who..... Where, ......What would you do....
Are you smiling yet?    I was.... i am even smiling now   .....
Write down your dream - i would love to hear about it.... POSITIVE ATTRACTIONS- ATTRACT each other....

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